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  • Continuing Pharmacy Education and Patients with Limited English Proficiency

  • Fluency, Inc., Foreign Language Competency Testing for Healthcare Interpreters

  • Improving the Quality of Interpreting Services PP by Tara Gibbs

  • Language Access and Mental Health Settings - (Lilly Baldwin-Garduno) - CULTUGRAM.pdf

  • Language Access and Mental Health Settings - (Lilly Baldwin-Garduno) - Cultural Clinical References.pdf

  • Language Access and Mental Health Settings - (Russell Kurth) - SMC MHC Terminology Chart.pdf

  • Language Access in Washington under the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (Dec. 2012)

  • Model Hospital Policies & Procedures on Language Access

  • National Certification of Interpreters in Healthcare Presentation 2008

  • NCIHC, A National Code of Ethics for Interpreters in Healthcare

  • Pharmacist - Patient Communication: Cultural Differences

  • Speaking Together: Building a High-Quality Language Services Program Toolkit

  • Speaking Together: Tools for Improving Language Services Delivery

  • Statutes/FAQs/Sample Interpreter List/Interpreting in Healthcare

  • Update on National Certification System for Healthcare Interpreters - Certification update.pdf

  • Washington State DSHS Administrative Policy Number 7.21 Access to Services for LEP Clients

  • Washington State DSHS Interpreter Authorization Program - Cambodian

  • Washington State DSHS Language Testing and Certification Program Overview by Jason Reed

  • Washington State DSHS Policy - Access to Services for Clients Who are LEP

  • Washington State Harborview Medical Center, Interpreter Services Redesign Martine Pierre Louis PP HMC Remote

  • Washington State Public Health Department - Presentation on language access.