WASCLA Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To ensure the provision and delivery of effective legal, medical, social services to Limited English Proficient (LEP) residents in Washington State through the collaborative efforts of interpreters, translators, and service providers.

Our Vision

WASCLA seeks a Washington State free of language and cultural barriers for all residents through the:

  • Continuation and expansion of the annual educational Summits for interpreters, translators, service providers, advocates, and other interested persons;
  • Development of language access policies and the sharing of technologies and resources for interpreters and translators;
  • Education and training of service providers and other groups on identifying LEP individuals who access their services and satisfying the legal requirements to provide interpreters and translators;
  • Development of a model curriculum for service providers that includes quality control standards and ongoing training for working with interpreters and translators;
  • Development of a model curriculum for interpretation services and cultural sensitivity training;
  • Creation of funding support for interpreter and translator services and training;
  • Expansion of the pool of qualified interpreters and translators;
  • Creation of a centralized database (or directory) of interpreters and translators.